The Benefits of a Semi Concealed Wire-O

Posted on: October 22, 2013

Creating a book that is functional and attractive can be difficult. If you create a unique design, it can sometimes be expensive and not very durable. However, if you make it functional, it can turn out looking cheap and not in line with your brand. There is a solution that makes binding both attractive and functional - the Semi-Concealed Wire-O. From the front, a Semi Concealed Wire-O book will appear to simply be a book with normal binding.

Americas Printer, Wire-O Example

But if when you open it up, it is actually a wire-o binding that is holding it together. For this project we used 16pt card stock for the cover and 70lb paper for the "guts". inside a semi concealed wire-o book, americas printer In addition, from the back, the wire-o is nearly all concealed. back of semi concealed wire-o, americas printer This not only keeps the book looking clean, but also makes it much more functional from a users standpoint. The wire-o binding makes it extremely durable and functional, allowing people to use and reuse the book without worrying about it breaking down. In addition, making it semi-concealed keeps things from getting caught in the wire, or not stacking well with other books. If you are creating a book, consider using the Semi Concealed Wire-O to create a look that is both functional and attractive. Contact us to get started!

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