BC - Business Cards

BC Business Cards

Make that first impression count with a premium quality, full-color professional business card. We print business cards on the finest 16pt heavy card stock or your choice of custom paper.

We also offer custom die cut shape business cards - slim cut business cards, circles, diamonds and oval business cards, business cards with round corners and more.

FL - Flyers/Postcards

FL Flyers/Postcards

As a part of your direct mail campaign, or for your business marketing needs, postcards and flyers are the most affordable way to send your message. America's Printer offers 4x6 postcards, 1/4 page flyers, 1/2 page flyers, 8.5x11 flyers, or whatever size you need. Custom fliers and postcards are available in your choice of heavy 16pt card stock or lighter and more economical 10pt card stock.

America's Mailer is available to provide custom business mail services, data processing and labeling for your direct mail campaigns. Contact us for a custom quote on your printing and mailing needs.

PS - Posters

PS Posters

America's Printer offers full-color high quality poster printing from 8.5x14 all the way up to 27x39. Whether it be a an old favorite like band posters to a promotional display for indy film producers, premium posters are a great way to promote your business.

Full-color, high quality printing, proudly made with care right here in our Orange County facility in the USA. Whatever your industry, these full-color posters come hot off the press on 100lb gloss book or 10pt card stock.

SH - Sales Sheets

SH Sales Sheets

Sales Sheets and full-page flyers are the foundation of product announcements. From inserts for your presentation folder to stuffers in a mailing, Sales Sheets give your business the flexibility it needs at an affordable price.

America's Printer provides one-side and double-sided, full-color sales sheets and fliers on 100lb gloss book, 10pt card stock, or our premium 16pt card stock. If you need custom printed flyers, contact our APC team for a custom printing quote. Our team at America's Mailer can also assist you with data list processing and direct mail services.

CT - Catalogs - Self Cover

CT Catalogs - Self Cover

Nothing showcases your business better than a high-quality, full-color printed catalog. From 4 pages to hundreds of pages, America's Printer will make your next catalog look terrific with our Heidelberg offset presses. "Self-Cover" catalogs are printed on the same paper stock selected, including the cover and back cover.

If you have a custom catalog print order, or don't see a page count or quantity you're looking for in our grid, please speak with a APC Rep for a custom printing quote. If your catalog is to be mailed, we can print and mail catalogs with our in-house direct mail services at America's Mailer

FP - Folded Products

FP Folded Products

If you are looking for something more intricate than flat flyers, add a little twist, like a bi-fold or tri-fold, and you have a custom brochure for your business. We offer tons of folded brochures on premium card stock or gloss book.

With our complete bindery and state of the art equipment, we can produce even the most complicated folds. America's Mailer is also available to provide mail services so you can direct mail brochures once they are done printing. Contact us for a custom quote on your printing and mailing needs.

PF - Folders

PF Folders

When giving that important business presentation to a new potential client, a professionally printed presentation folder is the best way to set yourself apart from the competition. America's Printer 9" x 12" presentation folders are specifically designed to contain 8.5" x 11" flyers, brochures, insert sheets and catalogs.

We offer one-pocket presentation folders (either left or right side) or two-pocket presentation folders with pockets on both sides. We also offer custom 6" x 9" presentation folders. If you need your presentation folders stuffed with materials and mailed, contact your APC rep for a quote on our in-house America's Mailer direct mail services.

EP - Ent. Pkg

EP Ent. Pkg

We live in a digital world... From CD & DVD packaging to sleeve and promotional flats, AmericasPrinter is a leader in affordable Entertainment products.

DC - Die Cut

DC Die Cut

If you want a unique shape for your printed product, Diecuts have eye appeal. We offer full-color Doorhanger printing and cutting on our premium 16pt card stock or on more economical 10pt card stock.

From custom printed doorhangers to rolodex cards, if you give us the shape, we will get your custom order printed. Contact us today for any custom die cut print jobs.

LH - Stationery

LH Stationery

We print full color stationary products. Whether your looking for 8.5 x 11 Letterheads or #10 Envelopes know that carry very affordable options. Save even more by taking advantage of our combination deals...

BF - NCR Forms

BF NCR Forms

Ideal for business forms, invoices, receipts and custom forms our NCR forms are printed digitally and come with the option of printing on one or both sides of every sheet. Edge padding and shrink wrap included, we offer 2 part through 5 part forms. Another option is our Sequential Numbering feature, just be sure to include your start number.

DFL - Flyers/Postcards

DFL Flyers/Postcards

From art gallery invites to new release product announcements, digital postcards are a winner.
These digital products start at just 25 pieces to hundreds. You can also add a variable twist and have each and every postcard "personalized".
Ask your Sales Manager for details.

DPS - Posters

DPS Posters

What a great opportunity to have your message displayed in a short run digital poster... From 25 pieces to hundreds. With our digital presses, we can print on book stock, sticker paper, window cling or even cardstock your poster message.

DSH - Sales Sheets

DSH Sales Sheets

Sales sheets are a great tool for your business... Have an open house showing... or just need to let your clients know of something new in your business fast... Reach to our short run sales sheets to get your message out...

DCT - Catalogs

DCT Catalogs

Lets say you have a project or product announcement that only needs a short run... Normally the setup charges on catalogs can be costly, but with Digital Catalogs, we have a price to meet your budget.

MCT - Catalogs

MCT Catalogs

Let us help you with printing & mailing your next catalog. We have an affordable solution to get your catalog to your clients. Ask your Sales Manager about how they can help with your next catalog campaign.

MFL - Flyers/Postcards

MFL Flyers/Postcards

Some people think that mass mailings are expensive, but with your printing & mailing partner here we have an affordable solution. We are "Experts" in mailing programs for your business. Ask your Sales Manager.

CL - Calendars

CL Calendars

Calendars are great tools for your business where you can keep a constant annual message with your clients.
We have Wall, Desk, Folded and multi-page Calendars to meet any budget.

EN - Envelopes - No Bleed

EN Envelopes - No Bleed

Everyone loves a great looking envelope. From business to personal, envelopes hold your message. We offer envelopes that can print on all sides ( envelopes with BLEED, where we print as a flat sheet & convert to an envelope ) or, interior printed envelopes ( NON-BLEED, where we print direct on the envelope. From 1 color, where you can pick any PMS color to full color.