Cool Custom Print Job: Tent Pole Toppers for Rockstar Energy Drinks

Posted: April 29th, 2013


This is our Cool Custom Print Job of the Week. My name is Artie from Americas Printer and I'm going to show you something cool we did for Rockstar Energy Drinks for Kevin Davis and Kelly over there. This is called a Tent Pole Topper, and believe it or not, when you're selling beverages it's all about eye appeal and POS and catching things in stores. So this is a new thing they asked us to design. Just to sort of show you what it looks like, I'm going to put this over here just for a second. This is what it actually looks like when we printed it-- It's a big, flat thing, and as you can see there's a hole and if you look really closely you can see there are scores and little cuts and all that. And on the back, it actually has some strips of tape where you pull all this up. But this is all designed when we're all done and die-cutting. You can take this, and you can see there's a hole, and the pole (which is why they call it a pole tent topper) goes right through, and these little finger things right here is so your pole doesn't slop around when you put it in the store. You can also use it as a top display.

Once again, this is printing on 21 point C1S Cardstock. We put a gloss aqueous coating, did some scoring, some die-cutting, and some two-sided, permanent tape. This was our cool thing we did for Rockstar Energy Drinks, again called a Tent Pole Topper. Let us know when you need a Point of Sale (POS) piece, and we'd love to make it for you!

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