Loop Stitching: Alternative to three-hole drilling

Posted: October 15th, 2013

What happens when you want to put your catalog into a three-ring binder? Usually, the binder's rings will drill right through the catalog, damaging your content and pictures and pretty much ruining the entire thing (not to mention, it looks unprofessional!). You can get around all of this by a simple yet cool bindery solution: the loop stitch.


A catalog we printed for one of our long-time clients, Cactus Ropes, using loop stitching. To make sure that the genius designs of Taylor Pots and Drew Stewart would never be damaged by three-ring binders, we used loop stitching to bind the catalogs.

Loop stitching, similar to saddle stitching, is where we attach staples onto the edge of the catalog's spine. The staples are specially bent in a way that allows for three-hole binders to go all the way through, without ever touching the catalog. This preserves the integrity of the catalog while still allowing it to be comfortably inserted into a three-ring binder. Neat, right?

Another example of a loop stitch catalog we printed for Zenetti. Design by Dennis Gomez.

Next time you talk to your Americas Printer Sales Manager, remember the loop stitch! We'll add it to your catalog in the Advanced Finishing stages without a problem.