8 Reasons to love postcards and how they're better than emails.

Posted on: March 3, 2014

Sorry email. We love you but the classic postcard has got you beat. Our lives have become so connected, so much shared in an instant (with status updates, selfies, texts, emails) that something physical like a postcard has actually grown in value. Here are eight analog-over-digital reasons to love the mighty postcard.

1. Postcards are simple, there is no learning curve other than literacy.
2. You never have to charge the batteries.
3. You can leave it in your car all summer and not worry about it melting.
4. The screen never breaks.
5. It can live on your fridge under a friendly magnet.
6. No need for WIFI. Or 4G. Or LTE.
7. You can share it with someone, by handing it to them in person.
8. You won't have to upgrade. Ever.

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