Why Envelopes will live forever

Posted on: October 2, 2013

Since the dawn of written language long before the printing press was invented, people needed a way to enclose a message. For centuries folded parchment had been closed with melting wax while the impression of an official seal was stamped. Over time, standard shapes and sizes began to emerge along with the industrial revolution and the development of national postal systems. The envelope has taken many forms over the years and today we're proud to offer the most popular sizes.
We'll aways need the envelope.
For the occasions that matter most we send an invitation in the form of something tangible. Because the act of sealing it, sending it, and opening it does not happen by the casual click of a mouse button or tap of a screen. You hold it, you open it, you are beholden to what's inside, at least for a moment it has your undivided attention. From a classic #10 Envelope for business mail, a 6"x9" envelope holding a special invitation, to a big 10"x13" envelope protecting that shareholder report, they all have a place.

We offer a guarantee that any envelope you get from us will not vibrate, ring or alert you to something else that is happening at that moment. We love our smart phones but like all things, they have a proper place. No matter how far into the future we venture there will always be a time and a place for envelopes.

Privacy is another reason the envelope will live forever. For times of discretion when you need to communicate directly and in private, we hand someone the envelope to conceal special contents for eyes only. I think we can all agree privacy is getting harder to come by these days.

Finally let's not forget the formal award ceremonies that require the ritual of opening the envelope. For as long as civilization exists people will forever organize award shows.

And the award goes to...

this one goes to the Envelope itself.




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